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Tso Moriri Lake


If you happen to travel around 250km towards the south-east of Leh during your Ladakh tour, you will find one of the most picturesque lakes in the world – the Tso Moriri Lake. Resting graciously with all its splendours and charm at an elevation of 4,000m, the irresistible beauty of this pristine lake can easily infect its visitors!

While the emerald water of the lake can easily deceive you, the fascinating beauty of its surroundings – the snow-clad peaks and the gorgeous meadows, can hold you still and encourage you to surrender yourself to its alluring beauty! Visit this lake if you want to experience how it feels to dream with your eyes being wide-open!

A photographer’s paradise, Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh entices all types of visitors. For the nature lovers, it is no less than a treasure trove! For the romantic couples, it serves as one of the most romantic places in Leh Ladakh region. Birdwatchers can also quench all their yearnings while spotting some of the rare and exotic migratory birds around the Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh.


This stunning lake is located on the Changthang Plateau at an altitude of 14,863ft. Visitors should travel around 250km towards south-east from Leh in order to reach the Tso Moriri Lake. Starting from Leh, this trails advances towards Karu followed by Upshi, Kumdok, Kere, Chumathang, Mahe, Sumdo, Korzok (Tso Moriri Lake).

Best Time to Visit Tso Moriri Lake

Summer (May to September) is the best time to visit Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh. With the ambience around the lake getting clearer, visitors can enjoy amazing views of the lake along with its surroundings.

During the winters (November to March), the lake freezes down completely. Even the surrounding peaks and mountains gets capped with snow, making it quite challenging to reach the lakeside.

How to Reach Tso Moriri Lake:

Considering that Tso Moriri Lake has been declared as a Wetland Conservation Area, access to public transportation is restricted within the vicinity. However, tour operators are permitted to carry out tours to this scenic lake. Contact us to book exciting Leh Ladakh tour packages that includes visit to Tso Moriri Lake.

Things to Do Near Tso Moriri Lake:

Overnight Camping:

One day is not enough to visit and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Tso Moriri Lake. Overnight camping is the best way to explore, discover, and enjoy the salubrious beauty of this pristine lake in Ladakh. However, as camping is not allowed beside the lake, visitors can opt for overnight camping in the nearby locales and adore the magical charm of this lake.


Owing to the favourable conditions and availability of food, Tso Moriri Lake attracts a large number of wildlife species; avifauna is the most noteworthy. On a visit to this scenic lake, visitors can enjoy birdwatching while observing several local and migratory birds. In the list, there are birds like black-necked cranes, bare-headed goose, great-crested grebe, Brahmin duck, and several others.

Nature Photography:

Tso Moriri Lake, along with its captivating surroundings, serves as a heaven for the shutterbugs. Photography around the lake is one of the most sought after activities in all the Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Wildlife Excursions:

Wildlife lovers can also satiate their yearnings while on a visit to Tso Moriri Lake. The lake’s surroundings serve as an ideal abode to mammals, most of which has already been declared endangered. On a usual tour, wildlife lovers can spot mammals like Goa antelope, lynx, Himalayan blue sheep, great Tibetan sheep, Tibetan ass, marmot, hare, and several others. If luck favours, visitors can also spot snow leopard and Tibetan wolf around the vicinity.