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Suru Valley


While on a Leh Ladakh tour, visitors will come across an array of stunning tourist attractions and captivating places to visit in Ladakh, and the magnificent Suru Valley is one among them! Cossetted by charm and allurement of the great Indian Himalayas and the gurgling Suru River, a tributary of the Indus River, this picturesque valley in Ladakh boasts of its pictorial beauty, bountiful nature and untouched vistas.

Jotted with numerous mountains, scenic meadows and a whole lot of agricultural patches, the entire valley comes alive during the spring. It is also an ideal season to visit Suru Valley and witness its bewitching beauty as the apple and apricot harvesting reaches their peak.

Unlike most of the places to visit Ladakh, Suru Valley enjoys an extended summer and entices a number of visitors from almost all the corners of the world. In addition to nature lovers, romantic couples, leisure travellers, and backpackers, the charm and thrill of Suru Valley also attracts a large number of adventure junkies who throngs the valley to pump up their adrenalines while participating in activities like trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and several others.


Suru Valley is located around 9,843ft above the sea level and extends from Kargil to Zanskar Valley. It is located around 25km from the pious Rangdum Monastery. Panikhar in the gorgeous Suru Valley is around 68km from Kargil.

Best Time to VisitSuru Valley

Owing to its high altitude, winter is definitely not a good time to plan a Leh Ladakh tour and visit the Suru Valley. However, with the advent of the summer (from May to October), the ambience across the valley changes and becomes livelier. Compared to most of the tourist destinations in Ladakh, Suru Valley receives a longer summer. Temperature gets back to moderate level with pleasant climatic conditions making summer the ideal time to visit Suru Valley.

Tourist Attractions in Suru Valley


A bowl-shaped valley, Sankoo is a must visit destination in most of the Leh Ladakh tour packages. Located within a close proximity to Suru Valley, this magnificent valley boasts of greener outlook and also serves as the starting point of several enthralling treks in Ladakh.


A remote village in the scenic Suru Valley, Rangdum is also touted as a must-to-visit destination during a Leh Ladakh tour to Suru Valley. Located around 130km from Kargil and 140km from Padum, Rangdum is secluded from the outer world, and proves to be an ideal destination for those who desires to laze around and enjoy the scenic beauty of Mother Nature.


A quaint and rustic locale within the periphery of Suru Valley, KartseKhar can be an ideal destination for the history and religious travellers. Located within this vicinity, is the 7m tall rock-carved stature of Maitryea Buddha, that depicts the presence and influence of Buddhism in the entire of Ladakh. The locale is also jotted with amazing Stupas and other rock-carved statues.


A sparsely inhabited area in Suru Valley, Panikhar is a treat for the visitors to Ladakh. A popular stoppage on the way to Padum, Panikhar also attracts hikers to Parkachik La Pass and several other treks that originates in the Suru Valley.