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Sonamarg, which means ' meadow of gold ' has, as its backdrop, snowy mountains against a cerulean sky. the Sindh meanders along here and abounds with trout and mahseer, snow trout can be caught in the main river.Ponies can be hired for the trip up to Thajiwas glacier a major attraction during the summer months.The climate of Sonamarg is very bracing; image but the rainfall is frequent though not heavy, except for two or three days at a time in July and August with fine spell in between. From Sonamarg, trekking routes lead to the Himalayan lakes of Vishansar (4084 msl), Krishnasar (3810 msl) and Gangabal (3658 msl). Other lakes in the region are Gadsar, stocked with snowtrout and Satsar, glacier-fed and surrounded by banks of alpine flowers. Sonamarg, at an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level, 87 km north-east of Srinagar. The drive to Sonamargh is though yet another spectacular facet of country side in Kashmir, this time in Sindh Valley. The Sindh Valley is the largest tributary of the valley of Kashmir. It is upwards of sixty miles long, and deep rock-girt gorge to open grassy land.

In Sonmarg


Thajiwas Glacier

The everlasting Thajiwas glacier, 3km from Sonmarg, provides chance to snow ride.



Baltal, 15km from Sonmarg at an altitude of 2743m, is the base camp of Amarnathji yatra.



Kanasar mountain in Kashmir is located at an elevation of 4,346 meters above sea level.


Lolgul Lake

Lolgul is a break in a mountain range, used for transportation from one side to the other side.


Kishansar Lake

Krishnasar Lake is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in the Himalayan.


Gangabal Lake

The famous Gangabal Lake from Sonmarg across the Sind river.


Vishansar Lake

Vishansar is home to many types of fishes among of which is the brown trout.


Gadsar Lake

A 23 km trek to Gadsar Lake, passes through steep climbs followed by a rapid descent.


Nund Kol Sar

Nund Kol Sar is a smaller lake which comes before Gangabal and is at the Harmukh.



The Naranag valley is noted for its scenic meadows and is a base camp for trekkers.


Mount Haramukh

Mt. Harmukh is considered sacred place by Hindus and also a popular spot for rainbow .


Atmas Lake

Atmas Lake near Gangabal Lake is considered as one of the sources of the River Jhelum.