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Pari Mahal


Pari Mahal was initially a garden founded by Dara Shiko, Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan's eldest son for his Sufi teacher, Mulla Shah. Once dotted with numerous springs, which have dried up now, the Pari Mahal gardens are now the treasure possession of the state.

Pari Mahal is bedazzling with radiant lights at night, and though located on the spur of a hill, can he seen from most places in Srinagar. Pari Mahal, once a Buddhist monastery, was converted into a school of astrology by Dara Shikoh.

The Pari Mahal was built by Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh in the mid-1600s. It served as a library and an abode for him. Dara Shikoh was said to have lived in this area in the years 1640, 1645, and 1654. It was further used as an observatory, useful for teaching astrology and astronomy. The gardens have since become the property of the Srinagar government

When you arrive in a new city, orienting yourself saves a lot of time on your travels. One of the best things to get a good sense of the place is to get a view from a higher ground. Built on top of the Zabarwan mountain range, Pari Mahal offers a great view of Srinagar and is easily accessible by vehicles.

Pari Mahal, also known as “the Fairies’ Abode”, is one of the many Mughal gardens in Srinagar. It was built during the reign of Shah Jahan and has survived to this day in its amazing splendor. It was Shah Jahan’s son Dara Shikoh who built the garden in the mid-1600s for his tutor.

The seven terraced garden was built in the Islamic style of architecture and the ruins now resembles Machu Picchu of Peru. The garden is at a good elevation and the garden overlooks the golf course, Dal Lake and the Srinagar City.

The garden is designed with the view as the main highlight and each of the seven terrace gardens has a view point.

The stone wall and buildings looked grand against the green mountains backdrop. You don’t see many flowers or trees, as is the case with most gardens. Pari Mahal has its own unique charm to stand tall among the many gardens in Srinagar.