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A much sought after destination in almost all the Leh Ladakh tour packages, Padum in the Zanskar region uplifts the pristine and untouched beauty of Ladakh Valley. Situated at a towering height of 3,657m (average height) above the sea level, this picturesque town is named after Padmasambhava who is the pioneer of Tibetan Buddhism in India. The town has also served as one of the historic capital to the Zanskar region.

Located at the heart of the tri-armed Zanskar Valley, Padum is such a place that entice almost all the types of travellers. Be it the leisure seekers, honeymooners, adventure lovers, backpackers, or others, everyone can visit this stunning town and quench all their yearning from a typical Leh Ladakh tour package. The town also serves as an origin point to several enthralling treks!

Among all the visitors to Padum, photographer and nature lovers are the most common. Owing to its kaleidoscopic beauty; how the rugged mountains gets blended with the amazing colours of the fields and valleys, Padum can be called a true treasure trove for the nature lovers and shutterbugs.


Padum is located around 240km from Kargil in the Zanskar Valley. Other popular destinations like Leh and Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir are situated around 440km and 430km from Padum.

Best Time to VisitPadum:

Due to heavy snowfalls in the winter, the Kargil-Padum route remains closed during the months of July to September. This also makes winter an unfavourable time to book Leh Ladakh tour packages to visit Padum.

Post winter, as the summer starts approaching, the route reopens making Padum accessible to the outer world. Visitors can expect rise in the temperature with pleasant climatic conditions. Summer is the ideal time for sightseeing and other tourist activities in Padum.

Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Padum:

Ancient Rock Carvings:

In addition to the scenic beauty and splendour, Padum is also known for a set of ancient rock carvings that dates back to the 8th century. These rocks are located below the town beside a riverbank. Carvings on the rock depicts the essence of Buddhism in the region in the most livelier ways.

Starrimo Monastery:

Starrimo Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the entire of Ladakh. Built during the 10th century, this sacred monastery is located on a scenic hilltop and is prime attraction in Padum. Visitors can reach this ancient monastery by embarking on a short hike through the rugged and uneven trails of Padum. The monastery serves as a home to several ancient belongings and around 30 lamas.

Shila Waterfalls:

This stunning waterfalls is yet another tourist attraction in Padum. Cascading down from a towering mountain, Shila Waterfalls is a true beauty and is a delightful place to enjoy day picnics. The views around the cascade it purely breath-taking and can be called a paradise for the photography enthusiasts.

Old Palace:

Being one of the historic capital to Zanskar Kingdom, Padum is also dotted with several royal architectures and establishments, and Old Palace is one among them. Though most of the structure are on ruins now, this palace has endured its grace and appeal in the most livelier ways, and can be an ideal place to revisit the history and grandeurs of Padum.

Mountain Biking:

The rugged and uneven terrains of Padum are ideal for adventure activities like mountain biking. Bikers can throng this scenic town and challenge their own limits while exploring its bountiful beauty on wheels.

Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing is also one of the most sought after adventure activities in Padum. Jotted with several barren cliffs and peaks, visitors during their Leh Ladakh tour, can visit Padum and enjoy rock climbing at several points.

Festivals in Padum:

Monastery Festival:

Sani is one of the closest villages to Padum; around 6km. If visitors on their Leh Ladakh tour happen to visit Padum during the month of July, they must visit Sani hamlet to witness its Monastery Festival. Celebrated to mark the triumph of good over the evils, this festival is the primary festival in the region. During this festive period, visitors can enjoy the traditional mask dance performed by the lamas, enjoy local music, culture and traditions at their best. A two days long annual festival, it is a true riot of colours and should not be missed at any cost!