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Lamayuru is one of the most rustic villages to visit in Ladakh. Also called the ‘Moonscape of Ladakh’ or the ‘Moon Land of Ladakh’, this gorgeous village proves to be a perfect destination to laze around and revel in the old-world charm while enjoying the bountiful beauty of Mother Nature.

Home to some of the most striking, decorated, and well preserved stupas in Ladakh, a visit to this magnificent hamlet will get the visitors close to an array of natural as well man-made marvels. The Lamayuru Monastery and Meditation Hill are two of the most striking attractions in Lamayuru village. While strolling around the vicinity, visitors can also find stones that are scribbled with religious texts; the site is truly captivating and is a must-to-have while enjoying a Leh Ladakh tour.


This scenic village is tucked away between Kargil and Leh; on National Highway 1D (NH 1D). It is located around 100km from Leh; it comes before Leh, beyond the great Fotu La Pass which is again the highest mountain pass on the Srinagar-Leh Highway.

Best Time to VisitLamayuru:

Summer (April to June) is the ideal time to visit Lamayuru. Climate during this period remains quite warm and sunny. Visitors can enjoy the summer as it offers amazing sightseeing options in Lamayuru.

Winters and monsoons should be avoided due to the extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, heavy showers, landslides, and road blockage.

Tourist Attractions in Lamayuru:

Moon Land: Resembling the shape of the moon, this scenic landscape is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Lamayuru. Located within a close proximity to Lamayuru, Moon Land is located on the Leh-Kargil Highway, and is revered as one of the best places to enjoy stargazing in Ladakh.

Lamayuru Monastery: This pious monastery is in fact the most sought after tourist attractions in Lamayuru. Adorned with detailed and splendid murals, frescos, wall paintings, and pillars, it is a devoted site among the Buddhists in Ladakh. The monastery hosts two annual festivals; it is advisable to book a Leh Ladakh tour packages and visit Lamayuru on the eve of these festivals.


Also called the western base camp, Ulleytokpo or Uley is a true heaven for the visitors to Ladakh. A silent, serene, gorgeous, and charming locale within 70km from Lamayuru, it entices the visitors to take a halt here and gasp and bask its bountiful beauty.


For those who yearns to explore and experience the rural or rustic essence of Ladakh, they must visit Themisgam while on their Leh Ladakh tour. Located off the Srinagar-Leh Highways; around 34km from Lamayuru and is a paradise for the visitors.

Meditation Hill:

A hill that is usually thronged by the monks to meditate, the Meditation Hill is known for its tranquil, serene and peaceful ambience. The hill is also said to be a store-house of plants and herbs that has high medicinal properties. It is also a wonderful site to enjoy panoramic views of Lamayuru.

Festivals in Lamayuru:

Yuru Kabgyat:

A 2 days’ annual festival held in the month of July, Yuru Kabgyat is the main festival in Lamayuru. Marked by the traditional mask dance, locals celebrate this sacred festival with full vigour and energy. Locals throng the Lamayuru Monastery; the host ground of Yuru Kabgyat, in their traditional garbs and attends the celebration with whole heartedly.

How to Reach Lamayuru:

By Road:

Road journeys are the best to reach Lamayuru as this quaint village is well connected with other parts of Ladakh. Almost all the roads leading to this sleepy village are in good condition; visitors can avail local bus service at regular intervals from Jammu, Srinagar and Udhampur. Visitors from Leh, can hire private taxis or cabs to reach Lamayuru.

By Train:

As Lamayuru do not have a railway station, visitors can make it to the Jammu Tawi Railway Station, and upon arrival, can hire private vehicles or board the regular buses to reach Lamayuru.

By Air:

The Leh Airport is the nearest airport to Lamayuru. The airport is well connected to almost all major Indian cities. Visitors, on arrival at Leh Airport, can hire private taxis to reach Lamayuru.

Stay Options in Lamayuru:

The village has an ample of hotels and lodges. Most of them are decked with all almost all modern amenities and facilities. However, if the visitors want to explore the local life in Lamayuru, they can opt for the local homestays in Lamayuru. They offer excellent and warm hospitality with the feelings of being in home while away from home.